MAIA Exchange

Invest and Trade Shares of Private Growth Companies

We unlock your investments to give you the freedom to buy and sell your shares at any time.

Our unified platform allows you to access top VC vetted deal flow and manage your portfolio, ensuring you can always be ready for the next big opportunity.

Access VC-vetted deal flow

All our listed companies have been vetted by institutional investors and us, ensuring quality and relevance to your investment thesis.

Syndicate with global investors
Your investments are no longer limited to your personal network. We enable you to widen your horizon and co-invest with other industry experts from around the world.
Enable exits that are simpler, sooner and cost-efficient
Find liquidity and collect returns annually, or even quarterly. Our market helps you capture opportunities and own shares in funded companies in between funding rounds and allows you to exit whenever you want.
Seamlessly manage your investment portfolio
Manage investments with our interactive tools. Our investor relationship tools enable you to approve and digitally sign investor documentation, as well as communicate with and track the growth of your portfolio companies.

We simplify your whole investment journey from sourcing deals to liquidation in five simple steps.

Search for Quality Businesses

Find and match with high-quality growth businesses through our seamless marketplace.

Invest in Your Business of Interest

Subscribe to your business of interest, get access to their investment information, negotiate your terms, and close the deal.

Manage Your Portfolio

Monitor your investment value, map out your desired returns, and interact directly with your portfolio businesses.

Exit on a Secondary Market

List your shares on our secondary market, negotiate your selling price and exit from your investment.

Rebalance Your Portfolio

Collect your returns and plan for your next investment.

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